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Underage OUI Defense In Massachusetts

What is the legal BAC limit for underage OUI drivers?

While drivers of the age of 21 may be arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08% or higher, the legal BAC limit for underage drivers in Massachusetts is .02%. This means that if a chemical test for your BAC registers at .02% or higher, the officer may arrest you and charge you with operating under the influence. Because this limit is very low, it is possible for an individual to be wrongfully suspected of an OUI.

No chemical test is perfect and there are many situational and biological factors that can interfere with an accurate BAC test result. How can I fight an OUI charge? One of the most effective methods of defending against an OUI charge is contesting the evidence brought against you in court. Chemical tests are subject to error and improper police procedure may also contribute to an OUI arrest. At The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard, P.C. their attorney's experience as a former prosecutor has given him valuable knowledge of the law from both sides of the courtroom.With these valuable skills at your disposal, you may be able to find a weakness in the prosecution's case and have your charges dismissed!

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The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard P.C. has helped clients facing some of the toughest legal situations find positive solutions. As an underage driver, it is imperative for you to have a dedicated attorney fighting to protect your rights against the consequences of an OUI. Not only could you lose your driving privileges for an extended period of time, but your future employment and career opportunities may also suffer as a result of a conviction.

A conviction of operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OUI) is punishable with a prison sentence of up to 30 months, a monetary fine of up to $5,000, and a driver's license suspension for up to 1 year. If you are facing an OUI charge in Massachusetts, the consequences of a conviction can have lasting effects on your criminal record and your future opportunities.

It is imperative that you contact a legal professional immediately and ensure your rights are protected! At The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard P.C., we help underage drivers gain a better understanding of their situation and explore their legal options in a case. Attorney Joseph Bernard has a history of success in OUI and criminal defense, having tried over 200 cases. The firm has 15+ years of experience handling some of the most complex cases involving DUI law.

Schedule a free consultation today with The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard P.C. and let an experienced former prosecutor help you protect your driving privileges!

Fight to protect your future

If found guilty, you may be facing serious penalties and life altering consequences, including jail time, steep fines, court ordered alcohol treatment programs, and community service. In addition, your driver’s license can be suspended for an extended period of time. Depending on the specific circumstances pertaining to your case, your offense may be charged as a felony, which exponentially increases your penalties. Do not sit back and wait for your charges to resolve themselves. Be proactive and call immediately to secure the representation of Attorney Joseph Bernard to resolve your case in the most efficient way possible and with the most favorable outcome available to you.


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