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Third Offense OUI in Massachusetts

As of November 30, 2002, the legislature increased the “look back” period from ten years to lifetime. Given the changes that have occurred in recent years, it is safe to assume that the laws and penalties will only get harsher for subsequent offenses. Should you have been previously found guilty or received a CWOF disposition on a prior OUI related offense, you may be facing an enhanced penalty.

Attorney Joseph Bernard has the ability to navigate the landscape and determine whether or not previous arrests constitute a prior OUI offense that could trigger the enhanced penalty statute. Call today for an in-depth analysis to help determine what legal needs you may have- free of charge.

Fight to protect your future

If found guilty, you may be facing serious penalties and life altering consequences, including jail time, steep fines, court ordered alcohol treatment programs, and community service. In addition, your driver’s license can be suspended for an extended period of time. Depending on the specific circumstances pertaining to your case, your offense may be charged as a felony, which exponentially increases your penalties. Do not sit back and wait for your charges to resolve themselves. Be proactive and call immediately to secure the representation of Attorney Joseph Bernard to resolve your case in the most efficient way possible and with the most favorable outcome available to you.


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