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Massachusetts Lawyer of The Year 2019

Attorney Joe Bernard is one of the lead lawyers in statewide litigation of Commonwealth v. Ananias, which challenges the reliability of the Draeger 9510 breathalyzer. His work in Ananias with expert Thomas Workman has lead to a call for sanctions based upon serious discovery violations made by the Office of Alcohol Testing. As a result, District Attorney's Offices across the state put a temporary moratorium on the use of breath tests as evidence, and the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security conducted an investigation into the discovery practices at the OAT. He and Mr. Workman were recently honored as Lawyers of the Year by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for their dedicated and impassioned advocacy in this case. 
If you were convicted of an OUI in Massachusetts between June of 2011 and April 18, 2019, and submitted to a breathalyzer, you are eligible to have your case reopened. To read more information regarding this, please visit our updated website regarding motions to vacate
Attorney Bernard has been practicing for over 20 years. Beginning in the District Attorney's Office, his practice now focuses almost exclusively on representing individuals charged with operating under the influence and other driving related offenses. He has attended the renowned Borkenstein Alcohol and Highway Safety course in addition to other advanced forensic chromatography and drug courses. Attorney Bernard has presented at seminars to educate defense attorneys about the challenges to a breath test and advancing the scientific defense of OUI cases. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard, P.C.  


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